H2Flow Tanks & Systems Inc.

Partnered with PERMASTORE to provide Glass-Fused-to-Steel tank technology across Canada. We serve the Industrial and Municipal Water/Wastewater marketplace and offer field erected process and storage tank systems built to a higher quality standard offering long life, low maintenance, and low lifetime cost.

Since opening for business in January 2006, our ongoing commitment and goal is to establish H2FLOW TANKS & SYSTEMS INC. as the Industry leader for tank installations in the Industrial and Municipal water/wastewater marketplace using PERMASTORE Glass-Fused-to-Steel tank systems. 

With over 50 years experience, PERMASTORE is recognized as one of the world’s leading tank manufacturers dedicated to Glass-Fused-to-Steel technology, a material able to withstand the rigors of the construction site and provide a lifetimes protection in almost any water/wastewater application. Permastore has over 300,000 tanks in operation in over 110 countries and have been accredited with a 30 Year design life.

Modular construction of bolted steel tanks allows benefits such as: rapid installation, construction in remote and restrictive environments, factory quality control, and cost competitiveness. If there is a bolt in every hole, a nut on every bolt, and mastic in every joint, the structural integrity of the storage tank is insured. PERMASTORE tanks are built and tested to "zero defects".


Offers the Following

Tank Sales and Installation

H2Flow Tanks will properly advise you as to the correct liquid storage solution for your specific application. We offer our sales and installation services across Canada.

What is your tank used for? Integrated Systems

We don’t just sell tanks. With very strong in-house engineering capabilities, H2Flow is able to provide seamless integrated, functional, complete, water-wastewater and biosolids equipment packages.

After-sale service and warranty

H2Flow will be there to assist for any after-sale service, modifications or enhancements, in addition to honouring our warranties.


Recent News

H2Flow announcement: Award of twin water tanks for the City of Langford
Sept. 20, 2021

We are happy to announce that H2Flow Tanks & Systems Inc. was awarded a sizeable tank project consisting of two twin water tanks in the City of Langford, located just outside of Victoria, BC. Each of…

H2Flow Tanks Installing 70ft diameter Permastore Geodesic Dome Cover
July 19, 2021

H2Flow is the exclusive Permastore distributor here in Canada. Not only does H2Flow sell glass fused-to-steel liquid storage tanks (for corrosive and non-corrosive liquid storage) plus tank domes and…

Vale built a new paste plant for one of their nickel mines
July 12, 2021

Vale built a new paste plant for their nickel mine and they required tanks for various plant applications. H2Flow Tanks supplied two epoxy-fused-to-steel tanks. Please contact us for more informat…

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